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Omaha Recycles Right

Keep Omaha Beautiful’s guide to helping you become a better recycler.

Why is it Important to Recycle Right?

Because taking simple steps to recycle right can be easy and impactful!

By taking just a few seconds to recycle right, you can help conserve limited natural resources, reduce pollution, contribute to clean water, and reduce Omaha’s reliance on landfills. Recycling provides the opportunity to create new packaging and products from what we already have.

When it comes to recycling, every community is different! Most communities have subtle differences in what they accept for recycling, so that's why it's important to read the guidelines specific to Omaha.

As much as we might want everything to be recyclable, many things cannot be recycled through Omaha's curbside recycling program. When you "wishfully recycle" something that cannot actually be recycled, you can contaminate the whole load, often causing even the good materials to go to the landfill. If you are unsure about something you are trying to recycle, it’s best to throw it out and let it go to the landfill to avoid contamination. Just because something is placed in the recycling cart, doesn't mean that it will be recycled. It’s not recycled unless it’s recycled right!

Learning to recycle the right way is good for Omaha and good for the environment. Join us on this journey and help us spread the word!

How Can I Recycle Right?

Recycle Right 101: When it comes to waste, it can sometimes be difficult to know what goes where. The City of Omaha's solid waste program, Wasteline, is your go-to resource for all things recycling in Omaha. Check out this site to learn all about curbside recycling and how you can start today!

Searchable Recycling Charts: Looking for something specific? For an extensive guide on what items can be recycled in Omaha, visit the following websites:

Printable Recycling Guide: Want an easy way to remember what can be recycled in your curbside cart? Download our printable Recycling Guide to help you decide what items to recycle.

Recycling & Reuse Resources: What should you do with a burnt-out light bulb, old furniture, bald tires or other items that cannot be recycled in your curbside cart? Check out our Recycling & Reuse Resources to see how you can start diverting your waste for recycling and reuse locally.

Recycle Right FAQ

You've got questions, and we've got answers!

Watch the following Omaha Recycles Right videos on your YouTube channel or check out our common recycling FAQ below!

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Omaha Recycles Right is a campaign created by Keep Omaha Beautiful to help answer your questions relating to recycling in Omaha.

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